Industrial construction services

老虎机游戏has delivered some of the most sophisticated manufacturing and warehousing facilities in the world for clients including聽The Walgreen Company,聽Hershey Foods Corporation,聽Hitachi,聽Anheuser-Busch, and The聽U.S. Postal Service. Our teams have helped redefine logistics and streamline production for manufacturers across the country.

From the front office to the production line to the loading docks, we deliver end-to-end new construction, renovation and expansion services for industrial clients鈥攐n-budget, on-time, every time.

Supporting your process, streamlining your workflow, maximizing your capacity

Your industrial facility should support your operations, helping direct the flow of materials and machinery while maximizing your productive space. At 老虎机游戏 our process starts with a keen set of ears and dedicated listening to best understand just how you want to use your facility. We then design and build your facility specifically to support your operation. From production and manufacturing to logistics and distribution, we鈥檙e seasoned in building facilities that support a range of systems and processes, including:

  • Full-scale manufacturing lines
  • Heavy machinery
  • Raw materials processing
  • Robotic KIVA systems
  • Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)
  • Floor, wall and roof-supported conveyor systems with pick pods

When it comes to building systems and structures, we select what鈥檚 best for the job. In addition to classic brick and mortar buildings, we鈥檝e delivered some of the most complex industrial construction facilities using a range of materials, technologies and project approaches. At the end of the day, our facilities need to perform so our clients can do what they do best.

We build the front office too

Many industrial facilities depend on a well-organized, well-planned front office to manage operations, fulfill orders and solve customer problems. We鈥檝e built聽offices and headquarters聽that some of our nation鈥檚 biggest companies are proud to call home.

Building smart with a best-value approach

Our team-oriented,聽Design-Build approach聽separates our industrial construction services from the rest of the construction industry. We bring collaboration and innovation into industrial construction by uniting engineering, architecture, construction and trade contracting professionals on one team from start to finish. Elements of construction can be nested and overlap with elements of design, leading to fast-track delivery and savings. Designs incorporate cost, schedule and constructability expertise, paving the way for facilities to meet the specific demands of industrial use. Our project teams identify efficiencies, savings and solutions to potential problems at project onset.

For an example of how this works, your manufacturing or processing equipment can place ultra-heavy point loads on your floor, walls or roof. We collaborate with specialty contractors and your team to define the layout of your industrial operation, then design and build your facility to withstand the heaviest load demands you鈥檒l place on it. Your facility supports the best possible operation, while saving you money. That鈥檚 building smart.

We build efficiencies into your facility

We promote logistical, operational and energy efficiencies with design and construction. Our team evaluates how materials flow in, through, and out of your operation and designs a facility that maximizes logistical efficiency by supporting your workflow. We identify the building systems that fit your project budget and reduce your long-term operating costs, which can sometimes exceed construction costs. With more than 80 LEED-certified,聽green construction聽projects under our belts, we determine the energy-efficiency investments that pay off and deliver savings in the shortest payback periods. And we provide a clear picture of project costs, delivering the best solutions for your budget.

We get the job done

Through the years, we鈥檝e built millions of square feet from coast to coast for the nation鈥檚 biggest producers and distributors. Our聽reliable project delivery聽is a big reason we鈥檙e a聽recognized leader in Design-Build聽and one of the most trusted industrial construction companies nationwide.

How to maximize warehouse efficiency with smarter design

In this advanced guide to state-of-the-art distribution centers, we reveal design strategies to achieve streamlined operations, energy savings and rapid project delivery. Fill out the form to download this comprehensive but to-the-point guide.

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